Monday, 24 May 2010

Start a blog - whatever that is....

Ok so I am new to all this, but I have agreed to start a blog since in 65 days I will be setting off an adventure. Admittedly, this is definitely an adventure which should have commenced years ago when I didn't know better; but better late than never, eh?

I must admit I have always fancied writing a blog, you have to be just a little bit egotistical to do so I think; but my main motivations are to keep a record of the journey and because I actually like to write. (Something I wish I had figured out when I was younger also).

So in 63 days I turn 30, as is customary with every added year of life I find myself reviewing the state it is in. I often think of the things I would liked to have done, and getting older seems to be great for motivating you into achieving what you might have been putting off for sometime.

In this case, seeing everything the world has to offer before I die being one of my greatest priorities. Also, making the most of bachelordom just incase I ever cease to be a bachelor.

So in brief inter-railing around europe is something I should have done when I was younger, but that I now find myself about to encounter. Ok, it is not the most exciting of adventures when compared to some of the other goals I have. But it is a nice way to set the ball rolling.

Travelling with me is one of my oldest friends Mark; who is very faithful as a friend so I don't envisage fireworks on the trip. But, we always seem to find mischief and excitement readily.

So, I will be documenting the build up as we make decisions beforehand and all the dilemas we may or may not face along the way. Hopefully, after we set off I will manage to upload lots of photos of our travels.

So far we have discovered that the foreign office seems to think there is a terrorist threat in every nation in europe; even switzerland which is highly laughable. That Serbia is a mostly stable society now unless you are travelling from Kosovo, oh and don't talk about political subjects. That slovenia is somekind of hub for afghanistani heroin, so therefore somekind of mafia must operate there.

It all sounds like good fun, especially seeing as though we are aiming for the eastern european experience whilst it is still a little bit different; before it becomes the mainstay of british tourism.

The only thing which has been decided so far is that we will be starting our travels of the continent from Brussels; after leaving the uk on eurostar.

So thats it for now, over the next few entries I expect I will discuss the possible routes we may take; and generally document my excitement as the date gets closer.

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