Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Researching things to do...

Ok, so I should be finishing off my essays; but I have written off Tuesday nights as it is Quiz Night at Foro's. 

So before I set off I have been searching the internet for resources to help with our travels this summer; and what a gem I found. I stumbled on a Guardian article about festivals across Europe this summer which led me to a site called whatsonwhen.com . You can search by section of a continent, or even by a specific country or place; I am sure this will prove invaluable in planning the proceedings :)

So I quite like the sound of going to the Croatian ATP Tennis and the Hugarian Grand Prix sounds excellent also; but unfortunately we will be back in England by the time the Belgrade Beer Festival kicks off :(

Anyway, I am sure over the coming days we will find lots of fun things to do along the way; which hopefully will ultimately give our jaunt a little direction.

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