Friday, 8 February 2013

ITV Identity

I have been mulling over this one for a couple of weeks now, not really being one who is ready to just jump in with criticism.
The new series of idents / logotype designs were definitely not my cup of tea to start with, but their predecessors were very bland and corporate. Personality has certainly been instilled; it says to me This Morning, Jeremy Kyle and I'm a Celebrity... therefore, in this regard it must be hailed a success.

On that basis, is the new identity a guilty pleasure?
The brand that never ceases to fail to provide cringe-worthy programming,  has produced a logotype equal to it's  "I can't look, but can't turn over moments".

There appears to be much negative subjective criticism out there (on the web), so it remains to be seen whether the new identity will be well-received given a warming period. I personally don't appreciate the logo in its static form, but feel much differently about the dynamic animated incarnations - where it comes into it's own. A logo for a broadcaster should really stand-up on screen before it does in print.

There is a distinctive, recognisable style across the ITV channels - linking them as a family, using colour to distinguish its members. Like it or loathe it, the new style is successful in those terms.

The biggest fall-down is perhaps the news logo, which does feel a bit of an oxymoron; friendly and serious at the same time doesn't seem to work. The News element just feels as though it is pinned on, maybe they could have gone for 100% informal but used colour to give off the respectful tone required.

Finally, I have seen many comments on the 'success' of the C-ITV variant as the indication of a poor logo, the speech bubble does add a shouty child persona and this is very successful and should be applauded not used as a stick to beat the other designs.

All in all, the handwritten style is not exactly my taste, but then neither is the majority of the programming, with the exception of the awful films on ITV4; Guilty Pleasures!