Wednesday, 9 January 2013

New Website

So here is where the blog changes track, after years in limbo and not really serving the purpose it was originally intended to, now my blog is going to become a little more professionally focused.
In the first week of 2013 I have decided to get in gear and sort out the portfolio website, which for most of the last year has only really had a placeholder marking my intention to update the look and the content; and before this it had of course been home to my college and university portfolio work.
This is all still here but hidden behind the scenes, hopefully I will be able to root through it and find some work still worthy of display.

This now is all to change, I do produce quite a large amount of flash files as part of my teaching, on occasion websites too and as part of that a large number of graphics. I have started to realise that I have amassed a substantial amount of work, and really I should be using it to showcase myself and skills to eventually hopefully work for me.

The next stage of development after recently wrangling with my blogspot rss feed to try and eek out the information I have within it, is to sort out the tutorials section - and currently I am in two minds whether to setup a CMS DB driven system for this or to merely upload pdf's and embed video tutorials. Given that I have taken a shortcut with the blog, I may consider building a dynamic system and let that be that.

I have considered also whether or not to build my own blog from scratch, but the current ethos is to not reinvent the wheel - so if something good exists already, then why not use it? Blogger does have an app for Android which I can make use of to update this on a more frequent basis than previously assumed.

I will publish test versions of any apps developed (there are a few in the pipeline) on my site, in the hope that someone out there can give me useful feedback - and to begin with there are two very simple games which could potentially be worked up into full versions eventually - the bubbles game certainly does (Addictive!)

So there it is, hopefully it won't be all work, work, work! A balance of interesting dialogue and commentary, supplemented perhaps by the occasional rant and mixed in with wholly useful stuff for wannabe developers :)

Happy New Year.


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