Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Zagreb & Ljubljana

After the mishap that was Belgrade, we finally set off for Zagreb at 1pm and I was relieved when we finally returned to civilization. Although we didn't have long in the city, it was very beautiful and Iam sure I will visit again. The highlight was probably mistakingly ordering a pizza with fruits de mer on it, as we missed that one on the menu. So we tried such things as octupus and other smelly chewy substances, to be fair it could have been worse but am not in a hurry to repeat the experience. Ljubljana has to be the jewel in the crown of the ex yugo states, an affluent and beautiful village city. It has so many faces being quaint but cosmopolitan, old yet young, romantic and yet ecclectic. I think that sometime next year a week in Zagreb and Ljubljana is a must.
we have sampled many local beers along the way, and even some kind of spirit made-up from honey which was very strong in Zagreb.
Leaving Ljubljana Belgrade came back to haunt us once more as the train was 70 minutes late leaving Beograd, somehow though we miraculously arrived in Zurich on time, clockwork.
And we are now sat outside in the glorious sunshine sipping beers, waiting for our £30 lunch to settle and deciding where to visit.

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